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Next Nestlé demonstrations

Nestlé-Free Zone

Demonstration at Nestlé (UK) events for health workers

See below for the list of forthcoming demonstration opportunities.

Nestlé has entered the UK market following its takeover of Pfizer Nutrition/Wyeth and the SMA formula brand. We are know seeing the aggressive marketing practices it uses in the rest of the world being used in the UK. For example, it is running a series of events targeting health workers to build contact lists and to draw them into defending the company and promoting its interests and products. The events include sessions promoting SMA produts.

Nestlé is attempting to circumvent the restrictions many health facilities have in place to stop company representatives targeting staff. In these health facilities, companies can only provide information on their products to a designated expert staff member (or a multidisciplinary committee in some regions), who will assess the accuracy and only pass on what is necessary.

In some cases, the events are on issues such as vitamin D, iron and colic. Nestlé uses misleading claims on these issues to push its products. In other cases guest speakers will speak on other child care topics to entice health workers to the event.

Health workers can obtain independent information on how best to provide nutrients and deal with health problems, together with analysis of company claims, from First Steps Nutrition Trust

Nestle boycott list

Nestlé-Free Zone

For a smartphone version of the boycott list - click here.

The campaign led by the International Nestlé Boycott Committee primarily targets Nescafé, the corporation's flagship product. But we would encourage you to boycott all Nestlé products until the company stops promoting its babymilk. Here is a guide to Nestlé's principal brands in the UK. You will also find brand information on the Nestlé website at and on national Nestlé websites.

We have set up a discussion group for boycotters with questions about Nestlé's connection to particular brands. To join the group, send an email to or click here.

Nestlé UK Product List (main brands) 

Product list cards

Credit-card size cards with the main UK brands on one side and a short explanation of the boycott on the other are available in our online Virtual Shop - click here. We also stock Nescafé - No thanks! and Nespresso - No thanks! cards.

Click on the card to order.

Scroll down for the list on this page. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We list products from which Nestlé profits. So Nestlé ice cream is listed because, although Nestlé sold the company, it continues to receive payments for use of the brand name. We welcome new information regarding changes in ownership, but please remember that headline stories about brands being sold do not usually give all the details of the deal. We only remove a product from the list when we are reasonably confident that all links to Nestlé have been cut

Items marked with an * are either part-owned by Nestlé, such a L'Oreal, Body Shop, Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy (a 60:40 joint venture between Lactalis and Nestlé, which owns Rachel's Dairy) and Cereal Partners (a 50:50 joint venture with General Mills) or have been sold but there is an arrangement by which Nestlé continues to profit from them.

Branston Pickle, Crosse and Blackwell, Fox's Glacier Mints, Gales Honey, Libby's Juices, Sun Pat, Sarsons and Tartex may appear on old lists, but no longer have any link to Nestlé. Findus and Haagen Daz have no link to Nestlé in the UK.

Some brand names below link to reports in our Boycott News newsletter giving more explanation.

There is a report on own brand cereals manufactured by Nestlé's Cereal Partners business in Boycott News 32.

Last change: 7 August 2012: Rachel's Dairy has been added to the boycott list following its move into the Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy (LNCD joint venture). Lactalis purchased Rachel's Dairy in August 2010 and recently announced its move into the joint venture. Lactailis owns 60% of the joint venture and Nestlé 40%.

Coffee - Nescafé including:

Alta Rica
Black Gold
Blend 37
Cap Colombie
Fine Blend
Gold Blend
Nescafé Ice
Nespresso coffee and machines
Partners Blend

Dairy products

Extreme Viennois
Munch Bunch yoghurts
*Rachel's Dairy
Rowntree yoghurts and ice creams
Simply Double
Ski yogurts
Sveltesse yogurts

Confectionery & snacks

After Eights
Animal Bar
Baci Chocolate
Black Magic
Blue Riband
Chocolate Cuisine
*Colgate Dental Gum
Dairy Box
Dairy Crunch
Double Cream
Fruit Pastilles

Henri Nestlé Collection
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Chunky
Kit Kat - Fairtrade
Lion Bar
*Lyons Maid Ice Cream
Milky Bar
*Nestlé Ice Cream
Quality Street
Rowntrees Fruit Gums
Toffee Crisp
Tooty Frooties
Walnut Whip
Willy Wonka

Mineral/bottled water

Aqua Panna

San Pellegrino
Santa Maria

Other drinks


Processed meals

Buitoni pasta & canned foods
Jenny Craig
*Rowntrees Jellies



Cheerios & Honey Nut Cheerios
Cinnamon and Golden Grahams
Cookie Crisp
Fibre 1
Force Flakes
Golden Nuggets
Nesquik cereal
Shredded Wheat including:
Bitesize, Fruitful, Honey Nut
Shreddies: Coco and frosted




Body Shop
Helena Rubenstein
La Roche-Posay

Pet Foods



Pro Plan
Vital Balance

The Nestlé boycott

Nestlé-free zone

You are currently on our archive site.

See the Nestlé boycott section on our new website - 

Nestlé is the target of a boycott because it contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards

If you already boycott Nestlé then use the resources on this page to spread the word.

If you want to know why there is a boycott and how you can get involved, read the overview below.


Nestle formula labels

Update 46 and Boycott News newsletter: Nestlé's Creative Storytelling Venture exposed and other news.

Email Nestlé: Nestlé claims to believe breastfeeding is the best start in life for a child, but promotes its infant formula around the world with claims such as it "protects" babies and is the "natural start" (click on the poster, left, for examples).

Nestlé-Free Zone stickers click here.

Nestlé Boycott page on Facebook - click here to become a fan and invite your friends.

As well as boycott materials, our online Virtual Shop has resources for health workers and mother-support groups to provide independent and accurate information. Check out the IBFAN Breastfeeding Calendar 2012 and the Infant Formula Explained DVD.

Boycott overview

You are currently on our archive site.

See the Nestlé boycott section on our new website - 

Nestlé is the target of a boycott because it contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards. Even Nestlé's Public Affairs Manager acknowledges the boycott has widespread support.

The World Health Assembly has adopted marketing requirements for baby foods to protect breastfeeding and to ensure breastmilk substitutes are used safely if necessary. As UNICEF has said:

"Marketing practices that undermine breastfeeding are potentially hazardous wherever they are pursued: in the developing world, WHO estimates that some 1.5 million children die each year because they are not adequately breastfed. These facts are not in dispute."

Although Nestlé does dispute the facts. See our briefing on Nestlé for the current situation, with images, links and references. The boycott will continue until Nestlé accepts and complies with Baby Milk Action's four-point plan for saving infant lives and ultimately ending the boycott.

Nestlé is singled out for boycott action as monitoring shows it to be responsible for more violations of the requirements than any other company. The boycott helps to stop some of the specific cases of malpractice we expose and has forced some changes in policy (see some examples here). But Nestlé continues systematic violations in those countries which have not yet brought in independently monitored and enforced legislation implementing the marketing requirements, which is another part of our strategy for protecting infant health and mothers' rights.

Register with Baby Milk Action to receive email alerts.


Evidence of Nestlé malpractice

If you doubt that Nestlé is doing anything wrong, see the monitoring evidence in our Campaign for Ethical Marketing section.

Save the Children reportReports from Save the Children (February 2013) and UNICEF Lao (released April 2013) also highlight violations by companies, with Nestlé being prominently criticised.

We have responded to some of the misinformation given out by Nestlé Public Relations Machine in the report Nestlé's Creative Storytelling Initiative - click here.

Also see the Your Questions Answered section on our archive site.


Supporting the boycott

You can register your support for the boycott via our contact page.

You can encourage organisations to endorse the Nestlé boycott. See our sample resolution.

You can find a list of Nestlé's principal products in the UK by clicking here.

It is important to tell Nestlé you are supporting the boycott - even if only for Nestlé-Free Week. You can call Nestlé's customer care line (click here to find out what happens when you do) or send an email via the Nestlé website or through the post. Click here for a suggested letter.



Materials for promoting the boycott

You can download the posters from our archive site to promote the boycott in your locality.

If you would like to hold a meeting, why not order one of the films in our on-line Virtual Shop?

Boycott bagsYou will also find great merchandise, including our reusable shopping bags (left).

Very useful items for your campaigning are the product list cards, giving Nestlé's principal brands.

You could ask people to send letters to Nestlé as part of our Campaign for Ethical Marketing.

You can collect petition signatures and return these to Baby Milk Action so we can deliver them ot Nestlé - click here for a petition sheet.

If you would like to give a talk yourself you might like to download a powerpoint presentation and a short presentation to adapt for your own use (the text has been checked to be legally accurate - please take care if adding information of your own).

If you like role playing, you could try doing something like the Nestlé challenge stunt Baby Milk Action did at Nestlé (UK) HQ in May. Click here for details.

Keep us informed of your activities. It can help to generate international media coverage.






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Nestlé-Free Zone

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Nestle free zone


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Nestlé, Good Grief! widget

The moving image and Nestlé, Good Grief! jingle given above is available for people to add to their websites and blogs. It will play automatically when the page loads, so it is recommended for a specific page explaining about the boycott or why you support it. Clicking on the image once it has loaded gives several options for what to do next. Use the code below to add it to your site. The widget will evolve over time to include new features and different jingles.

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Include our newsfeeds on your website or blog

You can add a widget like this - follow the instructions.


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Send an email to spread the word - see our Email Nestlé campaign

To tell people about the boycott by email, you could cut and paste the following text and adapt it to send to your friends, family and colleagues.

As you probably know, I support the boycott of Nestlé products.

According the the World Health Organisation Authority (WHO) 1.5 million babies die every year as a result of inappropriate feeding. Despite this Nestlé continues to push its baby milks in breach of international standards.

Monitoring by groups on the ground around the world shows Nestlé is responsible for more violations than any other company. That's why it is singled out for boycott action.

If you don't boycott Nestlé already, I ask that you consider looking at the evidence and giving up Nestlé products, or at least its principal brand, Nescafé coffee.

The boycott has forced some changes from the company, but it is still a long way from complying. Campaigners are also working for laws. Nestlé can comply when it is given no choice. It is not being asked to do something that is impossible, but without pressure it continues to put its own profits before infant health and mothers' rights.

You can find out more information and look at the evidence yourself on the Baby Milk Action website at:

You can sign up there to support the boycott.

It is important to tell Nestlé you will be boycotting it until it accepts and acts on the plan put to it by boycott groups for saving infant lives.

You can telephone Nestlé on the freephone number
0800 00 00 30 or send a message via its website


For further information on what has been achieved since the first boycott was launched 30 years ago, and why the boycott was relaunched and continues today, click here.


Contact us

If you have suggestions or designs you would like us to add to this page, please email mikebrady<AT>

If you would like leaflets and petition sheets in quantity, contact us.

The boycott is just one part of Baby Milk Action's strategy to hold the baby food industry to account. Find out more by reading our year report. You can help this work further by becoming a member of Baby Milk Action. If you are outside the UK, contact our partners in the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN).

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