Shopping centre email addresses for the Stop Wyeth campaign

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This page is to be used in conjuction with the Stop Wyeth campaign page - click here.The following is a draft message that you can adapt to send to the shopping centres scheduled to host Wyeth's SMA Baby Know How roadshow events. The list of events is given on Wyeth's SMA website - click here.

If you click on the links on the campaign page, it will open an email in your email programme with the text.

If you want to send the message using webmail or the shopping centre contact forms (if available) cut and paste the text.

Draft message

I have seen that Wyeth is advertising an SMA Baby Know How roadshow event to take place at your shopping centre. I appeal to you to stop this event.

Pregnant women and parents should not be targeted by companies that want to profit from how they feed their babies. Mothers who use formula end up funding these expensive events. Mothers have a right to independent, accurate information on baby care.

Wyeth is seeking to promote its formula and sign up mothers to its mailing lists. Mothers have been upset by the marketing emails and mailings they have received. The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints about Wyeth's misleading advertising claims. The company has even been convicted for breaking the Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations.

I hope you will not be party to Wyeth's unethical marketing practices and will cancel this event.

Contact details 

Lakeside: 14 th June - CANCELLED !!

Bluewater: 21st June - Update 16 June: CANCELLED !! - Email address to send message of thanks (press office):

Contact form:

Westfield London: 28th June - Email address:

Contact form: Not available.

Whitgift centre: 5th July - Email address:

Contact form:

Brent Cross: 12th July - Email address:

Contact form: Not available.

Centre Court Wimbledon: 19th July - Email address:

Contact form: Not available.