Championing Public Health - highlighting conflicts of interest

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I've just come back after taking  part in a panel presentation on conflicts of interest in health policy setting in the CSPI conference in Toronto, Canada

Click here for the programme

 Click here for my presentation 


8:45—9:15 am

Session Chair—Paul Christopher Webster, Award-Winning Freelance Writer and

Documentary Film Director

Keynote—Conflicts of Interest in Policy-Making featuring:

• Deborah Cohen, MD, Editor of Investigations, British Medical Journal

9:20—10:20 am

Session Chair—Paul Christopher Webster

Panel—Conflicts of Interest in Food Policy-Making featuring:

• Joyce K. Ho, Stanford-NBC Global Health Media Fellow Stanford University

School of Medicine;

• John Millar, Professor of Population Health, University of British Columbia,

former Provincial Health Officer, and retired Executive Director, Population and

Public Health Division, British Columbia Department of Health; and

• Patti Rundall, Policy Director, International Baby Food Action Network and

founding member of the global Conflict of Interest Coalition


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