GSK pushes Junior Horlicks at 'Toddlers' in India

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GSK Junior Horlicks promotion in IndiaGSK Junior Horlicks promotion in IndiaSTOP PRESS:  December 2013: Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) upheld a complaint against claims in GSK's print advertisement of Junior Horlicks,   that  ‘added supplement contents like DHA and CHOLINE in the product that are important for child's brain development’, ‘Competent and reliable scientific evidence’ (CRSE)’, ‘supplements containing omega-3 FA like DHA.’ 


Coming back through Delhi airport this weekend I noticed this  promotion for GSK's Junior Horlicks in the Guardian Pharmacy claiming: "100% RDA Nutrients for Growth, DHA for Brain."

I thought all promotion of foods for children under 2 years is stricly banned in India.  Since GSK  has now joined GAIN perhaps we can expect more of this. 


One good piece of news about GSK however - it has sold Ribena and Lucozade.