Nestle's CEO to speak at the Guildhall in London Monday 25th February

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CLICK HERE for details of the Guidlhall's City Food Lecture 2013 on 25 February. 

The event is invitation only - but if you feel like giving leaflets to people as they go in from  5.30 you can downloadone here:


CLICK HERE:  What lies behind Nestlé's Green PR?



Nestlé CEO, Paul Bulcke, will deliver a speech entitled Water - the Linchpin of Food Security considering what global companies must do in order to meet the challenge of resource scarcity, particularly water shortage

  I am struggling to understand what Nestlé can teach about appropriate use of and care for the earth's resources. 

Aside from its appalling record for pushing infant feeding products,  Nestlé is criticised over its bottling of water resources, not only for the energy used in moving bottles around, but the environmental impact of the bottling operations. It took a ten year campaign and finally the threat of daily fines to stop Nestlé's operation in the Brazilian town of São Lourenço, where it produced Pure Life water for the whole of Brazil and damaged the water park in this historic spa town. Not only did Nestlé oppose the campaign, it planted spies in Attac Switzerland, when it was working with Brazilian campaigners on this issue. Last month,  NESTLE and SECURITAS AG were found guilty of spying activities directed at ATTAC.and the court recognized that these parties conducted illegal infiltrations.  Click HERE for more information 

Click HERE  to find out more about Nestlé's involvement in the  water issue and our Pure Life leaflet at:


Click HERE for the briefing:  Towards Healthy Environments for Children. Frequently asked questions about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment


Click HERE for  a guide to leafletting:

Click HERE for the report by Save the Children - a  press release and a petition campaign

Here is some of the recent Media coverage of the reportGuardian (15 February), PDF 18 February: Daily Mail - Guardian - Daily Telegraph - Daily Mirror PDF,  Guardian (19 February) Observer (24 February)


5.30pm  Doors open

6.35pm Welcome Address   The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of London

6.45pm  City Food Lecture 2013



If you would prefer here are some older leaflets

Nestlé Monster leaflet:

Fairtrade KitKat leaflet: