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Information on infant formula

Breastfeeding is best for babies. All parents should know this. Breastfed babies have less risk of short and long-term illness. There are also health benefits for mothers who breastfeed.But if you have decided to use formula, for whatever reason, how do you decide which formula to use? Where do you find the information you need?

In this 4-part film, lasting less than 30 minutes, you can listen to Baby Milk Action's Campaigns and Networking Coordinator, Mike Brady, provide answers to these and other questions.

Part 1 is given above (if you cannot see the player, check you have Adobe Flashplayer installed). This covers: Department of Health on formula; composition of formula; claims that are companies can make about formula.

You will have to register to watch the following parts of the film (there is no charge to do so).

Part 2: The development of formula; putting risk in perspective; changes to formula composition; LCPs.

Part 3: Oligosaccharides ('Prebiotics'); how to choose between formulas; follow-on formula and Goodnight milks.

Part 4: Guidance on mixing up powdered formula to reduce risks.

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