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My Meter iPhone application support

Many thanks to supporter Nigel Harrison for developing an iPhone application to support the campaign.

Click here for the instructions on how to use it.

Please contact us if you have any problems.

My Meter iPhone application

MyMeter fun detector simulator - for entertainment purposes only. This does not really detect anything - you control its operation. See the youtube clip below.

Many thanks to supporter Nigel Harrison for developing it for Baby Milk Action.

Click here to order from the App store.

This is a very simple app, that performs one simple function. MyMeter displays a detector dial and emits a warning note that becomes more insistent as you subtly vary the angle of your phone, flashing a 'detected' warning when the phone is horizontal. Simply activate the application and move the phone towards an item you wish to simulate detecting. Change the angle of the phone as you do so. With a little practice, no-one will guess that you are controlling the signal! 

You can change the colour of the display, the alarm that sounds and the message displayed. To delete a message from the list, wipe your finger over it and a 'delete' button will appear.

Default messages included. You can add your own to appear when the alarm is triggered.

Use it to educate children on healthy foods by simulating detecting the healthy option from a selection.

Surprise people by simulating detecting an object you have hidden.

Use it in conjunction with the boycott product list as a fun way to raise the boycott.




Also see: Something nestling in the Baby Milk Action office, which includes a suggestion of how to explain the boycott in 30 seconds.

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