Creating your member's registration

If you are a member of Baby Milk Action, you can access discounts on courses and other benefits by registering with this site. Follow the same procedure described below if you belong to an organisation (such as IFIT) that has arranged for you to take our online monitoring course.

All you have to do to register is:

  1. Click on the 'login' link you see in the menus at the top right and on the left. 
  2. Click on 'create new account' under the login fields that will appear in the right-hand column at the top (once you are registered, you will login by entering your username and password here).
  3. Enter a username and email address and click on 'create new account' (we will never share your details with anyone else). You cannot access the course yet, but as a registered user you will find extra features are available to you.
  4. To convert your registration to a member's registration you have to go to the 'contact' page, select the option 'Upgrade to member's registration' and send us your name, username and the postal address where we send you member's information. If you are eligible to upgrade through membership of another organisation (such as IFIT), just tell us the name of the organisation so we can confirm. We will then upgrade your registration.
  5. When you login as a member you will be able to access additional features. Check out the 'courses' menu, for example.

Membership starts at just £7.00. To find out more, click here.

Monitoring the baby food industry

Baby Milk Action is offering an online course on monitoring the baby food industry.

The first two modules are now available to members of Baby Milk Action.

If you are registered as a member with the site and logged in, you will see links under the courses menu saying Module 1 and Module 2.

<---------- Look at the menu on the left for where it says "Courses".

Click on the link to the relevant module to begin or continue with the course. If you cannot see links saying "Module 1" and "Module 2", click here to confirm you are logged in.

If you are a member and have not yet registered with the site, click here to register.

If you belong to an organisation (such as IFIT) that has arranged for you to do the course, register in the same way as a Baby Milk Action member, but specify the name of your organisation when you contact us to upgrade your registration.

The course will consist of 8 modules based on the training the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) gives to member organisations around the world. These have been tailored to the situation in the UK and include information on the narrower UK marketing legislation.

Each module consists of short filmed talks, quizzes, reading, a powerpoint presentation and an exercise. Participants have access to the tutor via the online discussion forum and will be able to book a personal tutorial by phone or skype during the course. The course culminates in a guided monitoring exercise to receive a Baby Milk Action certificate as a Code Monitor.

There will be a small charge for each module (£15.00 each). Members of Baby Milk Action can do the first two modules free of charge and the remaining modules at a discounted price (£10.00 each). If you have registered with the site as a member, we will contact you as each module becomes available over the coming months. The course will be made available for non-members once all modules are available.

If you are a member of Baby Milk Action or an organisation that has arranged for you to do the course, then you can set up your registration with this site now to access the first module. Click here for details.

Membership of Baby Milk Action starts at just £7.00. To find out more, click here.



Click here for details of Baby Milk Action's online course on monitoring the baby food industry. 



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