UK Election 2010: Parties and candidates making the Baby Milk Action pledge

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Baby Milk Action has written to the main party leaders asking them to protect breastfeeding and babies fed on formula by implementing World Health Assembly baby food marketing standards in the UK and supporting them elsewhere.

Campaign supporters can ask their local candidates to sign the Baby Milk Action pledge. For further information, see:

Who has made the pledge?

The Liberal Democrats (Baby Milk Action press release).

The Green Party (Baby Milk Action press release) and Scottish Green Party.

Individual candidates - by constituency

Baby Milk Action is not contacting individual contacts directly - we have asked supporters to do this.

If you are a candidate and would like to be added to this list, please go to

Brighton Pavillion

Caroline Lucas (Leader of the Green Party - statement)


Nick Palmer (Labour)


Lisa Northover (Liberal Democrat)


Khizar Iqbal (Independent)


Will Duckworth (Green Party - statement)