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Danone promotion of Aptamil Pronutra in the UK and its courting of MPs

Danone has launched a major marketing drive for its Aptamil Pronutra brand of formula in the UK, including a four-page cover advertisment in The Observer magazine on 27 October 2013.

Companies targeting health workers in the UK

Companies spend a fortune on promoting formula to the public and to health workers. 

This promotion is highly misleading. For example, the advertisements in the same health worker journal below each claim the brand is closer to breastmilk than the others. 

Click here to download a pdf file of the Campaign for Ethical Marketing action sheet.

Sign the "No promotion - Cheaper formula" petition at: 



Call on MEPs to improve European Union baby milk regulations

URGENT ACTION: Please contact Members of the European Parliament on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee with the following suggested message.

Ask the UK Government not to abandon mothers and babies

This page has now been archived.

The UK Department of Health is planning to scrap its Infant Feeding Coordinator posts and its support for National Breastfeeding Awareness Week. Please send a message to the Secretary of State for Health asking him to reverse this decision, not least to save taxpayers money at this time of limited budgets.

Update 10 February 2013: The Department of Health scrapped the posts and its support for Breastfeeding Week in 2011. 

Help stop misleading claims about DHA formula and brain development

Please spend a few minutes sending a message to the European Parliament.

Baby Milk Action's briefing paper explains how the European Union is on the verge of authorising a claim that follow-on formulas and baby foods  improve babies' eyesight, despite the fact that independent reviews of the science have found 'no proven benefit' of the ingredient at the base of the claim. The European Parliament's Environment Committee voted on 16 March to block the claim and now it goes to the full Parliament in April. Your messages to MEPs were very important when it came to the Environment Committee vote. Please contact your MEPs now for the full vote.

Nestle won't stop its 'protect' marketing strategy just yet

Analysis of Nestlé's response to the 'Email Nestlé' campaign. Baby Milk Action has been asking people to email Nestlé over its latest baby milk marketing strategy. Nestlé has added logos to labels claiming its baby milks 'protect' babies and is promoting them with this and other health claims.

Nestlé is sending a standard response to people who have sent emails. This is given below with Baby Milk Action's analysis and a suggested reply. Click here to jump straight to the suggested reply.

Spread the word to stop Nestlé's latest baby milk marketing scam

Thank you for emailing Nestlé to ask it to stop promoting its breastmilk substitutes with the claim they 'protect' babies. (If you have arrived at this page without emailing Nestlé - click here).

Now can you help us to spread the word?

UK Election 2010: Parties and candidates making the Baby Milk Action pledge

Baby Milk Action has written to the main party leaders asking them to protect breastfeeding and babies fed on formula by implementing World Health Assembly baby food marketing standards in the UK and supporting them elsewhere.

Campaign supporters can ask their local candidates to sign the Baby Milk Action pledge. For further information, see:


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