Call on MEPs to improve European Union baby milk regulations

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URGENT ACTION: Please contact Members of the European Parliament on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee with the following suggested message.

The Committee will be voting on whether to strengthen rules relating to baby milks. For full details see Patti Rundall's Policy Blog - click here.

Details of UK members of the ENVI Committee are given below. For MEPs from other countries - click here.

Suggested message (copy the text, click on the email address, paste in the text, edit and send).

Dear [name of MEP]

The European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI) will vote tomorrow (29th February) on a report on a Commission proposal for a new regulation on "Food for infants & young children and for special medical purposes".

This is an important opportunity to change the way that EU legislation is made and ensure that it is more transparent, accountable and protective of child health.

We are calling for support the consolidated compromise amendments nos 7, 12 and 13. The  following amendments  are also supported by the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN):

3,4,8, 13 (calling for the Precautionary principle) 14,17 (calling for controls on pesticides) 18,21,22 (for better Parliamentary /EFSA oversight) ,27,38,41,45,47,52,53,54 (for strengthened democratic oversight) ,61 (safeguards on exports) 81,85,91,103 (caution on Nano technology), 104,106,107,173 (appropriate language for Exports), 175,179,190,193,194,195,196 (calling for no advertising of foods for infants and young children), 199 (refers to independent qualified professionals), 204, 213 (for lowest possible pesticide residues),   216, 225 (calling for post-market monitoring) ,240 (for no advertising of Follow-on milks) , 250  (caution on Nano technology) 254,256, 259,261 (Transparency), 279 (review of GUMs)


The adoption of these amendments would make a big difference

thank you so much