Links on conflicts of interest

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Here are some  Links to background papers that may be useful:

CLICK HERE for IBFAN position papers

CLICK HERE  IBFAN guide to sponsorship and conferences

CLICK HERE for a briefing Tackling Obesity: How companies use Education to build trust. 

CLICK HERE for the  latest version of the IBFAN Discussion Paper on SUN. 

CLICK HERE for the Corporate Accountability International Paper  "Standards of Political Conduct for Corporations."  

CLICK HERE for the Conflict of Interest Coalition Statement

CLICK HERE for a Historical Perspective on WHO by Judith Richer. WHO Reform and Public Interest Safeguards: An Historical Perspective 

CLICK HERE for a 2005 consultancy report for WHO’s GPR by Judith Richter, Global partnerships and Health for All  Towards an institutional strategy

CLICK HERE for a booklet, also  by Judith Richter, Conflicts of Interest and Policy Implementation Reflections from the fields of health and infant feeding

CLICK HERE for GAIN's submission to the last Codex meeting - calling for claims  supplements and foods for babies (pages 7-10)

CLICK HERE for GAIN's objectives for its Gates funded Grant  ( which is to reach  500 million women and children with fortified foods.  GAIN estimates that 321 million women and children are now consuming fortified foods.

CLICK HERE for the logos of GAIN's Business Alliance Members which include Mars, Pepsi, CocaCola, Cargill etc etc. The Standing Committee report states "The Secretariat understood that it was the policy of the Alliance to enter into partnerships with
local companies for the development of low-cost "to enter into partnerships with local companies for the development of low-cost complementary and fortified foods for populations with inadequate protein and vitamin levels; the Alliance did not seek to develop global products." 

CLICK HERE for the first page of GAIN's lobbying paper attacking Kenya's new Bill,  implying that proceeding with the it would threaten "Kenya's ability to meet its commitments as a Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) country." Thankfully Kenya went ahead with the Law but the question remains it is logical for WHO to grant accreditation to an entity that is so actively and clearly  lobbying  against the WHA Resolutions.  GAIN is a member of SUN's Lead Group which claims to be a  'Government led'  initiative....

 CLICK on this LINK for the exchanges in the BMJ just before Christmas which give further evidence of GAIN's lack of transparency and how it works to undermine Governments efforts to protect child health   



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