Please visit our new website

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This is my last campaign blog on this website as we are activating our new website at

We hope you like our new website!

It was developed after you told us how you would like to see our old website improved.

In particular, it should display well on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers.

We asked you for your comments on the new website from the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN). That feedback was positive, with a large majority agreeing we should follow a similar style.

That is what we have done.

Baby Milk Action is the UK member of IBFAN and we wanted to make this more obvious. You will see our new logo also mentions this.

New postings will be made to the website at

Our old websites are still online, because we think it is important that the historic information continues to available.

Our previous website can be found at 

Our original website was on the 'www' domain name. All those pages can still be found by replacing the 'www' with 'archive'.

For example, if the address was:

The archive address will be:

We have updated a lot of the addresses within our new site already, but do let us know if you find dead links so we can fix them.

The online Virtual Shop continues to operate on the archive site for the time being, using the Romancart secure shopping cart and a variety of secure payment options. In the near future this will be moved to this new site – and again it is being designed to work well on smartphones and tablets.

We hope this new approach meets the requirements you told us about and would love to hear your opinions.

Either contact us or post them to this post on our new site.