Nestlé in court for spying on Swiss group

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Nestlé is in court in Switzerland on 24th and 25th January 2012 for running spies in the Swiss campaign group, ATTAC. 

For details of the case, see the Nestlé Critics website - click here.

For additional background - including the news that Nestlé employed a former officer from MI6 (the British Secret Service) to run the spies - click here.

You can hear a radio news report on WRS - click here.

This includes an interview with Franklin Fredrick, a Brazilian campaigner exposing Nestlé harmful water bottling activities in Brazil. Franklin says he felt threatened when he found out how much information Nestlé had assembled about him and his activities.

Baby Milk Action organised an event in the UK with Franklin in 2006. Nestlé tried to undermine the event with demonstrably untrue statements. Find out more by clicking here.

The spies also gathered information on trade unionists in Colombia. There has been a history of trade unionists at Nestlé factories there being killed by paramilitaries and ATTAC was including information about this in a book about the Nestlé Empire. Baby Milk Action's interview with some of those involved in this issue, recorded at a tribunal in Switzerland in 2005, can be heard online - click here.

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