Embarrassed to be promoting Nescafe

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Well, today we were alerted by a member, Anne Adamson, to a promotion of Nescafe - right outside our office in Cambridge.  

We went downstairs with a couple of placards and some leaflets.

As we prepared to take some pictures the group leader kept moving the promotion further and further down the street,  threatening to sue us  if we showed his face in our picture.  











Here they are running away.running awayrunning away 





Mike Brady recalls: someone who appears to have no qualms about being seen associated with Nescafé is the actor George Clooney, sometimes campaigner for human rights, but with a blind spot when it comes to his advertising contract. Nestlé provided Mr. Clooney with a response for when people, such as actor Emma Thompson, raised Nestlé malpractice with him.

We provided a detailed analysis to Mr. Clooney, but heard nothing back. Take a look here:


When Mr. Clooney was questioned by a journalist at the Venice Film Festival when he first became the face of Nescafé Nespresso (the boycott is particularly strong in Italy), he responded: "I'm not going to apologize to you for trying to make a living every once in a while. I find that an irritating question."


It is the nature of the boycott that wherever Nestlé rears its head, there is an opportunity to raise its baby food marketing malpractice. We produce 'Give Nescafé the Boot' leaflets and 'Nescafé - No Thanks' cards to make the most of the opportunities where you see these products.

Our leafleting guidelines give advice, such as not to cause an obstruction, be polite and don't force leaflets on people. See our Nestlé demonstration page.

And if anyone is too embarrassed to be working for Nestlé to appear in a photograph, we can always oblige by blanking them out.