Comments on the concept papers for WHO's Reform Process

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Comments on the concept papers for WHO's Reform  Process


The WHO reform process that was initiated during the last 64th World Health Assembly is under way. The reform process was proposed by the Director General in response to the financial crisis of WHO. However, the reform touches upon many important aspects of the organization posing a great risk to the fulfillment of its constitutional mandate. While, the proposed reform focuses mainly on bureaucratic aspects, a vision on the core values steering the process is lacking. Absent also is a political discussion on the vision of the future of WHO.


WHO is holding a first series of consultation with Member States in the beginning of July,  calling on them  to react on three initial concept papers on reform prepared by the WHO secretariat.


IBFAN is part of a platform of NGOs, Democratising Global Health, that is closely watching the process and the content of reform - even though no official space has been opened up to a consultation with public interest groups. This coalition has sent a letter to Geneva-based missions of the member states, to inform them about the concerns that this group of public interest organizations holds in relation to the first concept papers.  The letter raises some questions and concerns in relation to the three areas on which WHO is focusing in this moment: the creation of a World Health Forum, the governance of WHO and an independent evaluation.


Please click here to read the LETTER.


If you support our position and analysis, and if you would like to be kept informed on the evolution of this process, please contact us:, Human rights Project Officer, IBFAN-GIFA, Policy Director, Baby Milk Action


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