Nestle signs three year deal with the International Diabetes Federation

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Nestle has started a three year partnership with IDF, one of the 4 Members of the NCD Alliance Steering Group. Abbott Ross and Pfizer are also NCD Alliance partners.


See Deborah Cohen's Blog in the British Medical Journal  


Guardian Diary Wednesday 9 May 2012

 10th May 2012 - Nestle enters 3-year deal with International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

• Good news from Nestlé, meanwhile, as the company, assailed by protesters who question its worldwide trading of baby milk, seeks to buff up its image. The multinational has begun a three-year partnership with the International Diabetes Federation. Speaking from the Swiss HQ, Nestlé's global head of public affairs Janet Voûte said: "We will work with the International Diabetes Federation to build awareness and promote healthy lifestyles including healthy nutrition and physical activity," thereby "tackling the growing challenge of chronic conditions such as overweight [sic], obesity and diabetes worldwide". Dovetails nicely with the selling of our favourite Nestlé products: Aero, Yorkie, Kit-Kat and Golden Nuggets breakfast cereal. Admirable synergy.