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Some other items that may be of interest: 

CLICK HERE for an excellent synthesis  in the Lancet Series on NCDs entitled:

 Profits and pandemics: prevention of harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed food and drink industries. 



"We assess the effectiveness of self-regulation, public—private partnerships, and public regulation models of interaction with these industries and conclude that unhealthy commodity industries should have no role in the formation of national or international NCD policy. Despite the common reliance on industry self-regulation and public—private partnerships, there is no evidence of their effectiveness or safety. Public regulation and market intervention are the only evidence-based mechanisms to prevent harm caused by the unhealthy commodity industries."


The EU Commission allowed a 40 minute discussion on this at the European Platform on Diet and Physical Activity on 28th February.  Along with the other public interest NGOs present, we explained our concerns about how the Platform operates and the risks of using it as a model for public health policy. The food industry claimed  that the Lancet article was not necessarily evidence based or peer reviewed.  They also claimed that  their  voluntary commitments on labelling have triggered the regulatory process, becoming part of  legislation and that if we can find ways to work together  the Platform can become part of a driver  towards tackling obesity and disease.  It seem they see us as being on a "journey together" - something like the current Coca Cola adverts.....


CLICK HERE for  an Open letter to new UN agency chief: No more deals with Nestlé please published in World Public Health Nutrition:   http://www.wphna.org/2013_mar_hp1_paho.htm


CLICK HERE for a Briefing from Corporate Accountability International:  Standards of Political Conduct for Political for corporations   http://info.babymilkaction.org/sites/info.babymilkaction.org/files/Corporate-Accountability-International-Standards-of-Political-Conduct-for-Corporations_0.pdf


CLICK HERE for a film about the distribution of money in the US:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QPKKQnijnsM 


CLICK HERE for a 13minute  film  by AIMi (Indonesia Breastfeeding Mothers Association) the IBFAN group in Indonesia with support from  Save the Children.



CLICK HERE:   for  the Save the Children report:  Superfood for Babies  How overcoming barriers to breastfeeding will save children's lives  and the petition about Nestlé and Danone


CLICK HERE for the  Save the Children films : http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/breastfeeding-saves-lives-videos


CLICK HERE for  a 6 minute student  film about junk food  



CLICK HERE for the GAPA Statement of Concern about alcohol policy http://www.globalgapa.org/news/who080213.html  

Send your endorsements to Katherine Brown at kbrown@ias.org.uk  or to gapa@ias.org.uk   


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