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Cosying up to charities

Partnering with high profile charities is a key CRS strategy. 2013 saw two new partnerships that could affect infant health: World Vision International with DSM (a major manufacturer of formula ingredients) and Save the Children UK with Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). 

BBC’s Panorama, All in a good Cause, broadcast on December 2013, examined this trend, interviewing Justin Forsyth, Save the Children UK’s CEO and Dominic Nutt, its former Head of News.

Justin Forsyth on BBC PanoramaJustin Forsyth on BBC PanoramaIn the last 3 years its income from corporations has gone up 5-fold from £3.9m to £21m in 2013, 8% of its total. The GSK deal, worth £15m over 3 years, could, according to Justin Forsyth, save ‘millions’ of children’s lives. Dominic Nutt explained how the move from small donors to corporate funding can impact on charities’ willingness to criticise potential funders: ‘People are beginning to edit themselves, the culture has percolated right down and no one is willing to challenge that culture.’  

● The partnership may involve the development of a nutrition product for babies. We really hope not. These issues are complex and tying fundraising to products has many risks and can distort an agency’s priorities (see pgs 24, 31).

● The Advertising Standards Council of India upheld a complaint against GSK’s claims for Junior Horlicks and children’s brain development.

GSK Junior Horlicks promotion in IndiaGSK Junior Horlicks promotion in IndiaGSK Display for Junior Horlicks  for toddlers, Delhi, Nov 2013


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