Conflicts of Interest discussed at the World Health Assembly and EB 133 -news and useful links

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CLICK Here - for IBFAN summary of the 133rd WHO Executive Board discussion on Non-State-Actors.


STOP PRESS - a Resolution on the NCD Global  Plan of Action was adopted unanimously  on 27th May.  CLICK HERE  for the text of  DRAFT Resolution A66.10 that was adopted.  


CLICK HERE for Bloomberg report on NCD Resolution adopted today  (27th May)

NEW   CLICK HERE FOR IBFAN's preliminary comments on WHO's engagement with Non-State Actors which will be discussed TOMORROW - 29-30th May


CLICK HERE for the EB 132 decision not to accept GAIN's application for official NGO status. 


NEW  CLICK HERE for latest Update 45 


CLICK here for summary of a new paper linking obesity to bottlefeeding

CLICK HERE for the new Australian Guidelines on Infant feeding.  Page 12 states:   "Toddler milks and special and/or supplementary foods for  toddlers are not required for healthy children.  From 12 months of age and beyond, toddlers should be consuming family foods consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines."



Today  (Monday 27th May) Committee A of the Assembly will be discussing a "Non-paper Summarizing the outcomes of Informal Consultations held among Member States between 7-15th May 2013 on the Draft Action Plan for the prevention of  NCDs"   CLICK HERE  

 Member States spent  many days discussing this so I doubt if there will be a long discussion today.    You will see that there are several rather worrying things about the engagement of private sector but also some refs to COI remain.

 See Paras 15, 18   23, 28, 30, 34,   GAPA people will be particularly concerned about  Appendix 3 the proposals by Cuba to remove controls  on alcohol promotion  and more language engaging other stakeholders in health promotion. 


CLICK HERE FOR Preliminary comments on As part of the Consumer's International delegation, I am attending the 66th World Health Assembly in Geneva  alongside the the IBFAN team. 

Dressed as Tony the Tiger as part of a Consumer's international Stunt - I started the week being barred (along with Ronald MacDonald)  from entering the UN building - apparently we didn't meet the UN Dress Code.


CLICK HERE for El Poder (Consumer Power in Mexico) website. "Swiss recaptured two Cartel kingpins of Scrap"

CLICK HERE  for Consumers International

CLICK HERE  for  World Public Health Nutrition

This is not a reporting year for infant feeding, but other issues that are related are on the Agenda of the Assembly and the Executive Board meeting that will follow next week: the control of  non-communicable diseases, WHO Financing and WHO Reform.

The issue of  conflicts of Interest, regulation vs self-regulation, relations with 'non-state actors' are all cross-cutting issues. 


CLICK HERE For an example of the problems: Dutch Businesses, Knowledge Institutes, NGOs and Government Join Forces to Improve Nutrition in Africa and Asia  21 May 2013


ALL the WHO background documents are available on one click HERE 

CLICK HERE  for WHO Reform - interactions with Non-State Actors

 Click here for the speech by Dr Chan, Director General of WHO  (text and video) 

 Click here for the speech by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim: Poverty, Health and the Human Future

CLICK HERE A collection of resources published by the Medicus Mundi international Network for the Democratizing Global Health Coalition on the WHO Reform (DHG)This includes links to presentations for Member States. Including one I gave  on Conflicts of Interest and one on finance by Nicoletta Dentico
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