US FDA survey of 10,000 women's understanding of health claims

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Here is a really important development

The US Food and Drug Administration  is calling for comments on their forthcoming research on health claims on infant formulas such as “supports brain and eye development.’’ The FDA wants to: assess women’s understanding of and response to various statements on infant formula labels. The study results will be used to help the Agency to understand the role that certain types of statements on infant formula labels have in influencing formula choice….The study will focus on purchase choice, perceived similarity of the formula to breast milk, and perceived likelihood that the formula has certain health benefits.  

Deadline for comments 2nd May 


Experimental Study—(OMB Control Number 0910–NEW -    Refer to Docket No. FDA–2011–N–0098 Survey.pdf

see also Prof Marion Nestle's  Food Politics blog  cites  


Empowering women's

Empowering women's understanding on health claim could be a great advocacy. The FDA was directed to do something to stop drug shortages. Obama granted the Executive Order Monday. The issue, said the president, leads to price gouging and offers risks for patients. House Republicans have ignored the effort as mere campaign talk. Here is the proof: Obama signs executive order to address drug shortages