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American Academy of Pediatrics backs 6 months breastfeeding

The new American Academy of Pediatrics Policy stresses that breastfeeding is a norm and a public health issue, not a ‘lifestyle’ choice.

“The AAP recommends exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant, a recommendation concurred to by the WHO and the Institute of Medicine.”


Abbott pays bloggers to review Similac iPhone app 

Partnerships with phone companies are often cited as useful ways to disseminate health messages. But unless conflicts of interest are checked there can be risks. Abbott Ross paid mothers in the US to give positive reviews of its new iPhone Similac app: “designed to help new parents track baby’s eating, sleeping ....tracking breastfeeding or bottle-feeding…including noting details such as which breast baby fed from last so you don’t forget.”

Thanks to Miriam Labbock, of the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute for spotting this double scam.


Taking over counselling & education

Baby food companies are increasingly ignoring Article 5.5 of the International Code which forbids them from making contact with pregnant women or mothers of young children. When Nestlé submitted a commitment to the UN’s Every Woman Every Child Initiative, to expand “nutrition education to teenage girls in all its milk villages in India before they reach the age of marriage, so that they will have the nutritional knowledge to best feed their children when they reach childbearing age,” no one noticed that this was inappropriate.  

The majority of education committments on the EU Commission’s Platform for Action on Diet and Physical Activty are funded by the food industry.

This Mars-funded Consumer Information for the Turkish Community in Germany. implies that a Bounty chocolate bar has the same nutritional value as an apple.

Babies need Mom-Made NOT Man-Made

The IBFAN/WABA World Breastfeeding Conference will take place in Delhi in December 2012. For details and to register, see:

Dr Arun Gupta (IBFAN Asia) and Patti Rundall in New York to discuss UNICEF support for the global conference. For UNICEF, from the left: Christiane Rudert, Nutrition Specialist, Dr Nicholas Alipui, Head of Programmes and far right, David Clark, Legal Officer.


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