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Update 44 - April 2012

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Page 2

Who, what, why?

Page 3

Editorial : Babies need you - decision makers are failing them

Page 4

UN and business

Page 5

What role for BINGOs and PINGOs?

Rio Declaration on health inequalities betrays the promise to ‘close the gap in a generation.’

Page 6

FTSE4Good rules change to accept code breakers

Page 8

The United Nations corporate responsibility scheme fails the integrity test - no action taken over “patron sponsor” Nestlé for violating Principles

Meetings with Nestlé executives - where the Global Compact Office could help

Page 9

Children’s Rights and Business Principles

Page 10

Julie Crawford Award goes to IFIT health visitors

Page 11

New Baby Feeding Law Group makes it easier to report baby food companies

Page 12

Monitoring project stops illegal Tesco promotion

Infant Formula Explained films provide independent information

Page 13

European MEPs campaign to stop claims and formula ads

Page 14

News Roundup

  • Creating new markets: ‘Growing up’ and ‘Toddler’ milks
  • South African law - at last?
  • Prof Michael Latham dies 

Page 15

New Roundup

  • American Academy of Pediatrics backs 6 months breastfeeding
  • Abbott pays bloggers to review Similac iPhone app 
  • Taking over counselling & education
  • Babies need Mom-Made NOT Man-Made

Page 16

The Business of malnutrition - profiting from the poor

  • GAIN abandons Monitoring Protocol
  • SUN worry
  • Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
  • Governments should govern - Corporations should follow the rules

Page 17

Breaking the Rules

Page 18

Nestlé executives refuse to stop violations...

  • ...unless you support our campaigns
  • STOP PRESS - Nestlé formally charged in India

Page 19

Nestlé Policy versus the International Code

Page 20

Protests in North America and Switzerland

  • Join the Newark Protest
  • Dishounourable degree in Alberta
  • Nestlé taken to Swiss court over spying ring
  • New resources for promoting the Nestlé boycott

Page 21

Nestle Boycott news

  • International Nestlé-Free Week becomes Halloween event 
  • Nestlé, Good Grief! - The Musical
  • Dates for 2012

Page 22

Nestle boycott news

  • URC ends support for the boycott - over a technicality
  • Development agencies in Laos snub Nestlé prize

Page 23

Holding Nestlé to account

  • Nestlé BabyNes system breaks Code and endangers health
  • Nestlé, the London Marathon, the Olympics and water

Page 24

In the online Virtual Shop

  • Nestlé Monster T Shirts now available
  • Infant Formula Explained DVD
  • Complementary Feeding: Nutrition, Culture and Politics
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