Protests in North America and Switzerland

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Nestlé’s partnering with the Mayor of  Newark, New Jersey, USA, to the tune of US$100,000 has sparked protests and petitions from campaigners. Under the partnership with the city, Nestlé nutritionists will be given access to all 15 of the Family Success Centers to provide training on “breastfeeding and nutrition”.

Maria Parlapiano and Renee Hefti - Graham, organizers of the protest  say,

“There is no doubt about Nestlé’s real agenda...The ink wasn’t dry on Nestlé’s press release of the presentation to the Mayor before formula ads and coupons started popping up”

Do sign up to the petition and encourage others to help stop this.


Dishounourable degree in Alberta

The University of Alberta received messages of protest from around the world as it planed to award Mr. Peter Brabeck-Latmathé, the Chair and former Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé, an honorary degree for contributing to “the preservation, distribution and management of one of humanity’s most vital resources: water.” The University President went ahead with the award, suggesting protests came solely from the Council of Canadians. However, 70 organisations from 20 countries signed its letter of protest and demonstrations took place inside and outside the university when the degree was presented on 1 March 2012.

Protests continue over the President’s invitation to Mr. Brabeck to sit on an external advisory board for a new university-based Water Initiative.

For Baby Milk Action's press release, see:

●   A new documentary film called Bottled Life, produced in Switzerland, looks at the scandal of Nestlé Pure Life brand of bottled water.


Nestlé taken to Swiss court over spying ring

Brazilian campaigner, Franklin Fredrick, was a witness at a court action in Switzerland in February over Nestlé’s infiltration of the campaign group, ATTAC Switzerland, with three spies.

To World Radio Switzerland he told of his worries when he found out how much information had been gathered on him during his successful campaign to stop Nestlé’s damaging Pure Life water bottling operation in the spa town of São Lourenço.

Campaigners were also concerned about the safety of trade union members in Colombia whose details were available to the spies. Paramilitaries have killed trade unionists organising at Nestlé factories. Hear an interview with trade unionists in Baby Milk Action's archive - click here.


New resources for promoting the Nestlé boycott

A smart phone version of the boycott products list is now available on our site. 

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