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Nestlé Monster T Shirts now available


Thanks to Rebecca Clark for this image, also available on a reusable shopping bag.


Infant Formula Explained DVD


In the main 25-minute programme, the experts explain about formula to give health workers the information and the confidence they need to answer questions from parents and carers.

A shorter 7-minute programme is for use with carers and parents who have decided to formula feed (and health workers with less time available).

There is also a 10-minute film on how to make up powdered formula in line with World Health Organisation guidance to reduce the risks from possible contamination with harmful bacteria.

Clips are available to view on the Baby Feeding Law Group website - click here.

The DVD is available for use in health facilities and with mother support groups under licence - click here.




Complementary Feeding: Nutrition, Culture and Politics

Book coverThis is the new book from Gabrielle Palmer, author of The Politics of Breastfeeding (and one of the experts appearing in the Infant Formula Explained DVD). This brief, compassionate and thought-provoking new book will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the world, its children and their nutrition, and will stimulate discussion and debate as part of the campaign to create a world where health for all is a true goal.










Sally EtheridgeMany thanks to Sally Etheridge (pictured here with her daughter) for raising £200 in a sponsored bike ride and to Helen Webster for asking for donations instead of presents for her party.

Contact us if you have a fundraising idea. We can help publicise it and provide materials for explaining the campaign.


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