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Update 43 - December 2010

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Page 2

Who, what, why?

Page 3

Editorial : Thinking strategically

Page 4

BFLG says NO to corporate funding and influence

STOP PRESS: Breastfeeding at work

Page 5 : BFLG news

Page 6

World Health Assembly adopts two landmark Resolutions on the promotion of junk foods and baby foods

Page 7 : International news roundup

Page 8

 World Breastfeeding Trends

Page 9

Breaking the Rules - Stretching the Rules 2010

New Zealand Government sees profit in formula market

Page 10

Infant formula explained - a new educational resource

Page 11

EU deadline for DHA, ALA claims

Page 12 : Setting global standards

Page 13 : Using education to build trust


Holding Nestlé to account

Page 14 - 15 :

Page 16 : International regulations

Page 17

Nestlé’s latest global baby milk marketing scam

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

Page 21

FTSE drafts revisions of FTSE4Good breastmilk substitutes criteria

Page 22

Page 23


New in the online Virtual Shop

Page 24

IBFAN Breastfeeding Calendar 2011

Saggy boobs and other breastfeeding myths

Breastfeeding older children

Infant feeding and obesity poster