Marketing offenders report exposes new trends

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A new monitoring report was launched by BPNI at the World Breasfeeding Conference.

It shows that companies continue to advertise baby formulas when they think they can get away with it.

For example, in Canada, Mead Johnson advertises Enfamil with the headlines (below, left): "You want her to be healthy... Patterned after breast milk for your baby’s normal, healthy development."

In the Ukraine, Danone advertises follow-on milk for use from 6 months with the claim "Immunity is strengthened" (below, right).


Most companies are investing heavily in promoting so-called growing up milks, unnecessary products that are claimed to benefit health. Health claims are increasingly being used on baby foods too. Ghana has a strong baby milk marketing law, so there Nestlé claims its Cerelac porridge "Helps Strengthen Babies’ Natural Defenses" (below).


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