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Page 2

Who, what, why

Page 3

Editorial: Plotting the path to protection for babies and families

Page 4

World Breastfeeding Conference 2012

Page 5

Marketing offenders report exposes new trends

Nestlé’s Creative Storytelling Venture at shareholder AGM

Page 6 - 7

Mexico's Crusade Against Hunger

Page 8

World Breastfeeding Conference Declaration (extract)

Page 9

Scaling up breastfeeding - what will it cost?

Save the Children launches campaign on breastfeeding

Farewell to two gentle giants: Andy Chetley and Zef Ebrahim

Page 10 - 11

World Breastfeeding Trends

Page 12 - 13

Breastfeeding is a human right. What does that mean?

Page 14 - 15

Struggles for Regulations won: South Africa, Vietnam and Kenya

Page 16

Nestlé and co's US$400 million threat against the Philippines

Page 17

Marketing in the UK

  • Latest trends: baby clubs, social media and health workers
  • Danone free booklet undermines home-grown organic foods

Page 18

UK campaign

  • Holding Wyeth/Pfizer to account: SMA advertising ruled misleading, email marketing condemned and...
  • ...the SMA Baby Know How roadshow stopped
  • No promotion - cheaper formula

Page 19

Irish Midwife of the Year refuses to be branded with SMA

Page 20 - 21

Eye on Nestle

Page 22

Nestlé boycott

Page 23

Research news

Page 24

IBFAN Concerns about Public Private Partnerships

Page 25

GAIN’s Trojan Horse fails

Page 26

Policy news

Page 27

Essential reading - free downloads

Page 28

Featured items in the Virtual Shop


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