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European Parliament to vote on new regulations on baby food marketing

BBCBBCEuropean Parliament to vote New regulations on baby food marketing 

UK Government raises concerns about Probiotics

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The EU Parliament's ENVI Committee yesterday voted unanimously for the new proposals for a Regulation on food intended for infants and young children, food for special medical purposes.  This will now go forward for the final vote in the full EU Parliament in Strasbourg  in June. 

One of the things we have been lobbying for in these proposals is the issue of 'optional ingredients' and the pre-authorisation of all ingredients used in baby formulas and foods, so we are pleased that once this regulation is adopted these issues can be considered in the new delegated acts.  Whatever happens, there will be more oversight from Parliament on all new ingredients. 

New Study linking bottle feeding to obesity

Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger look for new jobs - Kellogs forced to compensate children

Marketing junkfood to children : two familiar figures visit the World Health Assembly -  Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger look for  new jobs  handing out their CVs to delegates attending the World Health Assembly.
  20th May

Here I am being refused entry into the UN, apparently because I failed to meet the UN dress code. Later in the week I was given a much better reason for the refusal - that it was deceptive. Perhaps the corporations that use these disguises  to befriend children  could think about that!   





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Patti as TonyPatti as TonyHere I am outside the headquarters of the World Health Organization  taking a breather. 

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